Developmental Co-Ordination

Kickstart Soccer and Fitness offers one on one training to assist children with movement challenges and support developmental co ordination. The session is 1 hour  to enable a highly supportive, encouraging and targeted program.

Children will benefit from our DC Soccer if they experience:

• Needing more than the average time and effort in mastering a new physical skill
• Uncoordinated physical movements
• Awkward posture and running style
• Lower levels of athletic abilities than other children their age
• Difficulty in following/understanding rules/instruction
• Inadequate gross motor skills

It is essential that children who experience these challenges are provided with a supportive and patient environment to practise, participate and learn new skills.

Children who are not provided with that opportunity can experience low self esteem, frustration, limited social skills and withdrawal from healthy physical activity which can lead to other health related consequences.

DC Soccer sessions are:

• Non-competitive,  the focus is on individual practice and achievement.
• Concentrated and guided learning of each particular skill
• Focused on raising fitness levels, motor skills, participation and communication, following instructions and having FUN.
• Developing self esteem from a supported learning environment.
• Coached by professional FFV qualified coaches

More information on developmental coordination can be found at Better Health website.

Time Frame

1 hour session extended to enable focus on each child


Individual tutoring @$70 per session


5 – 16 years