Developmental Co-Ordination Sessions

Kickstart Soccer and Fitness offers one on one training to assist children with movement challenges and support developmental co ordination. The session is 1 hour  to enable a highly supportive, encouraging and targeted program.

Children will benefit from these sessions if they require assistance with:

• Extra time and effort in mastering a new physical skill
• Co-ordinating physical movement
• Improving athletic abilities for their age group
• Following/understanding rules/direction
• Improvements in overall gross motor skills

It is essential that children  are provided with a supportive and patient environment to practise, participate and learn new skills.

Developmental Soccer sessions are:

• Focussed on individual practice and achievement.
• Concentrated and guided learning of each new skill
• Focussed on raising fitness levels, motor skills, participation and communication, following instructions and having FUN.
• Developing self esteem in a supported learning environment.

Time Frame

1 hour


Individual tutoring @$70 per session


5 – 16 years