Personal Training

Health Consultations and Evaluations

We provide a comprehensive health consultation for all personal training clients to enable us to tailor a safe and effective fitness program that meets your goals. We review your progress every 12 weeks to ensure optimum results.

Mobile & Gym Based Personal Training

We have large range of personal training equipment to accommodate all types of training needs. This option allows you to choose the environment you feel the most comfortable in, be it your own home or outdoors in a location of your choice. This is a perfect option for those who have a busy schedule – no travelling time! Or, if you value the health benefits of the great outdoors. You may have a friend or friends who would like to join you, we also offer two on one and three on one personal training sessions.
If you prefer, you can also train in one of the selected top quality gyms around inner Melbourne.

Why use a personal trainer?

Your movements will be closely monitored so that posture, intensity and weight bearing is always correct for you, this reduces the risk of stress or strain on your body.

Your sessions will be varied, so both your body and mind will always be challenged and motivated.
If you have any pre existing health issues or injuries your program will be tailored to your needs so that you can exercise safely and under professional supervision.

You will achieve your goals faster. A good trainer will ensure the most efficient use of time and activity to target your specific goals and address any areas which require improvement.


Personal training sessions range from $50.00 – $80.00 per person – please call or email us for more details.

We appreciate payment on the start of your first session. If you are paying cash we request that you try to have the correct amount as we do not carry a lot of change.

Family Session

A great way to get the family together, keep the kids active, work as a team and have fun. Up to 4 family members can exercise together at a family friendly price of $95.00

Time Saver Sessions

For those whose time is limited or for those just beginning a health program a half hour session can be ideal, at only $50.00 per session.

What to Bring

We want you to feel comfortable for your training so we recommend that you bring along a hand towel and water bottle to your session, as hydration is paramount. Loose comfortable clothing, in stretchy fabrics are ideal and it can be a good idea to layer your clothes, especially during the cooler months, so that you can add and remove as your body temperature fluctuates. Comfortable sports footwear is essential.

What to Advise Our Trainers

It is essential for your own wellbeing that you advise our trainer of any health issues/injuries you may have before commencing you session. This will enable us to ensure the safest environment possible. We also encourage any comments and suggestions you have after your session, so that you are an active participant in every sense.

If you need to cancel a session we ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice so that we are able to reschedule. If less that 24 hours notice is given the session fee may still be charged.