Pre and Post Natal Training

Shede is  fully qualified in pre and post natal training to ensure a safe and effective exercise program both while you are pregnant and afterwards. Exercise during this important time can help in assisting an easier labour and a quicker recovery time after the birth of your baby.

Benefits of Pre Natal Exercise

Resistance to fatigue – exercise energises, bringing oxygen to your blood supply.

Reduction in back and hip pain – The muscles of these areas bear most of your increasing weight as your belly grows, so keeping them strong and supple will help your body adapt to your changing shape.

Improved muscle tone and strength – Hormonal changes during pregnancy effect muscular strength and tone, it is therefore particularly important to maintain muscle strength while pregnant for the protection of joints and the prevention of injury.

Relieve stress –For some women, pregnancy can be a mentally demanding time, exercise can provide a mental break.

Improves circulation – Exercise can help to prevent/reduce fluid retention and varicose veins.

Increased sense of wellbeing – You can feel that you are doing the best for yourself and your growing baby, body movement can help you become more in tune with the changes that are occurring to your body and can also increase your self esteem.

Benefits of Post Natal Exercise

Regular exercise promotes the healing of uterine, abdominal and pelvic muscles

Helps vulnerable joints associated with hormone release during pregnancy, return to normal and prevent strain.

Promotes positive psychological benefits, improves coping mechanisms with stress and can help with post natal depression.