Great relaxed practice and game, calm considerate coaches, good focus on fun, skills and sportsmanship, a terrific way to get confidence, skills and have fun.

Jack (7) Parents – 2015

Felix had the best time at Kickstart this year.  Shede’s relaxed and encouraging approach suits all kids and all levels.  We will be back!

Felix’s Parents – 2015

Max has always loved soccer at Kickstart and his skills have developed while having lots of fun.  Thanks for everything!

Samantha – 2015

Luis has had a fantastic time throughout the year.  Luis went from not wanting to play sports to loving his Sunday morning soccer sessions.

Luis (6) Parents – 2015

Ari loves Kickstart because the team are fantastic, he learns lots of new skills and the kids have fun.

Ari (6) Parents – 2015

Tommy has had great fun at soccer this year.  Shede and Igor are terrific with the kids.

Tommy (6) Parents – 2015

My two kids really look forward to soccer every Saturday arvo.  It’s a great format, 30 minutes light training, 30 minutes game all done in a fun, no pressure environment.

Andrew – 2015

We have only been at Kickstart for a term and I have been so pleased with how Kickstart provides my son with soccer skills and a place where he can form new friendships.  It’s high energy – low competitiveness, and fun!!  He loves it.

Maya  – 2015

Piero has enjoyed Kickstart immensely.  He has developed into a fine contributor, with all the help and encouragement of the Kickstart coaches.  The coaches have wonderful communication skills and Piero relates very well with them because of this.  He doesn’t want to do any sport other than soccer.  Well done Kickstart!

Piero (7) – Parents – 2015

Great teamwork between team, caring teacher who knows all the kids names, my daughter loves coming on Saturday mornings and has made friends and improved her ball skills.

Marisa, mother of Juliana (7) – 2015

Kickstart has been a great program, we appreciate not having to train through the week.  The staff and other children are welcoming and fun to be with.

Lefteri’s Parents – 2015

Ari was part of the inaugural soccer kids (2010) and has played ever since.  Shede’s guidance, kindness and expertise is unparalleled –

Thanks Ilana – 2015

Ben is totally obsessed with his soccer classes and Shede has done a great job in nurturing this for the 2 years Ben has been coming to classes.  Sunday morning class is the central part of his week!

Benjamin (6) – Parents – 2015

Kickstart has been a fantastic part of my child’s life.  It has not only helped my boy develop soccer skills, but also contributed to his confidence and self esteem.

Marco (7) – Parents – 2015

A beautiful holistic approach to sport.  It provides a sense of community and belonging.

Hugo  (7)  – Parents – 2015

My son Thomas has been attending sessions at Kickstart for almost 18 months. During that time his skills and understanding of the game have improved greatly, as have those of all the boys involved. Shede provides a fun environment for the children and his enthusiasm for the game is there to be seen at every session. There is never a dull moment. He combines a patient and well disciplined approach where the children learn the important skills of the game in a safe and enjoyable environment. As such I would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective parents. Whether you have aspirations for your child to play at a higher level or you just want them to have a fun time, Shede offers a great place for all to learn the skills of the beautiful game.

Leigh Haselgrove – 2013

My daughter Giulia and her friends have thoroghly enjoyed their training sessions with Shede. Not only is it fun for them but the results can be seen in the improvement in their weekly U11 games with their club. Well done!

Jenny Malacchini – 2013

Thank you so much Shede and Sarah for keeping my group of 13 year old boys entertained and active. I probably need to admit I may have slightly under estimated their energy levels (too much sugar probably didn’t help). The boys were thrilled and so excited to meet Shede and were incredibly impressed by your background and skill. They are still talking about the party. I can’t think of a better add-on for any soccer party and I hope to utilise your service many many times over for future clients. It was a pleasure to deal with you, each contact from start to finish was smooth and efficient and I know my clients were very happy, particularly the birthday boy – what more can one ask. Thank you.

Sharon – 2013

Thank you Shede for an action-packed and fun soccer party. Liam had a wonderful 6th birthday and hasn’t stopped playing with the soccer ball you gave him. The boys had a wonderful time and learnt some new soccer skills. You are able to work easily with a diverse group with different levels of skill and the game at the end was a highlight. Thank you Shede, I highly recommend you as an energetic and vibrant coach for parties and fitness training.

Dana Mischel – 2012

Shede’s approach is excellent: warm, patient and attentive and the kids clearly have fun. My son has developed his soccer skills and his team at NFPS won 8 from 13 – apparantly the best of any NFPS teams! I have watched some games and he was confident, unselfish and encouraging of team mates: behaviours that seem integral to your approach. The best test is that Liam loves Kickstart.

William Gwynne – 2012

My son’s favorite time of the week is attending Shede’s soccer clinic. As a parent I have come to appreciate the small class size; the children are always engaged, the dedicated yet friendly approach to the game and Shede’s enthusiasm and love for football. We have told many friends!’

Angela Koutsofrigas
Julian Bretherton – 2011

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who can give you all the answers, then look no further than Shede. He’ll firstly give you a reason, an incentive, and then a passionate desire to improve all aspects of your personal fitness – both mentally and physically.

Shede is the only trainer I’ve met who not only asks that you perform an exercise, but also ensures that you do it correctly – and gives you the reason for doing it that way. It’s a complete approach.

He’s got the background, the training, and the culture to provide the very best in personal training. You won’t go wrong with Shede.

Michael Rumpff

Shede’s approach to one on one fitness is unlike no other. Instead of aggressively barking out his regime, he uses a calm and steady approach. Shede consistently monitors your ability through the session, adapting the exercise to your needs. I find that I work that bit harder because I don’t feel stressed or pushed to do that last “push up”, I want to do it! At the end of a workout I feel mentally refreshed, re aligned and physically exhausted, however I really feel I have achieved something great for myself. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Gina Nomachi

My exercise goals are to lose weight, maintain my health and give me more energy for the day. The sessions with Shede are great, challenging and full of variety. He helps me achieve my goals by providing lots of encouragement and it makes it a lot easier to bring Marco (my son) with me rather than find someone to look after him.

I enjoy the sessions with Shede as the class sizes are smaller and this makes me feel like I have my own personal trainer, I get a great sense of achievement when I have finished the class and I love the welcoming, friendly environment, it is also great value for money.

Michelle Trobbiani

My weekly cross training session with Shede, combining cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning has really helped me achieve my goals, the sessions are stress free and happy, Shede is a lovely and competent instructor who always makes you feel that you have performed well.

Kiz Dowsett