About Us

Kickstart Soccer & Fitness is led by Shede Olukhale. Shede is an ex international soccer player and fully qualified personal trainer. He played for the Kenyan national football team, and has been involved in elite sports for over 20 years, being exposed to professional coaching and training techniques, from grass roots all the way through to international competition.
We have been training over 100 children every week for over 5 years through our clinics, and Shede has been a personal trainer in Melbourne for almost 10 years.

As our soccer clinics have grown we have employed new team members to help coach our kids. We train our coaches to ensure that Shede’s experience is passed on and that, importantly the gentle, encouraging approach we use is fostered and employed by all of our staff. We are an equal opportunity employer and we believe in giving young people a start in the work force.

Shede is a fully qualified Football Federation of Australia Football coach, qualified pre and post natal trainer, Boxing instructor and holds certificate 3 and 4 in personal training.

Fitness Philosphy

As someone who has maintained fitness throughout my life, through professional sport and on a personal level, I understand the benefits of fitness on every day life, the feeling of well being, a reduction of muscular aches and pains, increased energy and stamina and mental alertness. Kickstart Soccer & Fitness personal training philosophy is one of a total mind/body connection with a focus on the restorative and regenerative effects of exercise on the body. This is achieved through a strong focus on postural alignment, mind/body co ordination, and breathing techniques combined with physical exercise as a lifestyle change.